"Welcome to Heartbreak"

No, I'm not suddenly getting personal on the blog.  I've made that mistake in the past, and it's bad reading.

What I'm talking about is the new Kanye West video for the song of the same name (which I found courtesy of Pete Chatmon).  It's pretty damn hot.  Lyrically the song is just so-so, but it's one of the better tracks on the album in terms of the production and the vibe.

And the video.  It's below for you to watch, but...  Man, I think there's a very untapped, unironic return to the 80s coming.  I can feel it.  There's so many video effects in here that are based in the worst origins of music videos, but this thing is totally working for me.

In other news, one of my potential gigs just got a lot more serious.  Not in terms of me being any closer to landing it officially, but in terms of what it is.  It transmogrified, and I'm excited for it.  More news as I have it.

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Bryan Hill said...

Kanye reminds me of Madonna. He's talented, but his real gift is working with people much smarter and more talented than he is and using their talent to build his brand.

Long live the 1980's!