Final NYC Lunchtime Musings

Marvel has you wear guest passes when you come to the office. Does this make them more corporate than DC?

The Shake Shack is a good recommendation if waiting in line is better than eating.

Pax has become my favorite place to eat in New York for day-to-day sustenance.

The only thing more phallic than a cigar is a penis. This should not come as a surprise.

In the 7 Days I've been here, I've gone from not wanting to step outside except wearing 7 layers to wondering if anyone would mind me doing the skivvy stomp down 5th Ave.

Khary Randolph just came to Pax. He is a man of great taste and erudition. Maybe I can convince him to create something with me. After all, he only has 2 animated series on the air right now...

I need to find a Dunkin' Donuts and this trip will be complete.

I wonder if Nelson has my money.

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