The Rob Levin

Hello faithful blog readers. How are you? I know it's been a while.

I've been busy with work and busy with life, and I really didn't have any updates on projects or advice to offer during the past month. I stayed quiet and worked on some things behind the scenes. As of today, they've been put into effect.

You'll notice that if you type in www.AuthenticImpostor.com you're now redirected to www.theroblevin.com, which now houses the most updated version of this blog. I'd been unhappy for some time with blogger and looking to make a change, as well as having a bit of an identity crisis with the AI moniker. It confuses people and doesn't really associate specifically with me unless you're in the know. Down the line AI will become a home for projects and content, but my site and blog will be housed at www.theroblevin.com.

I want to thank all of you for your time and interaction this last year and a half, and I promise more to come on the regular at the new home. Don't forget to bookmark The Rob Levin to stay abreast of everything in the world of me, writing and comics.



Vibing with Rae

I've had my head down this week just running through a to-do list. Hill and I wrapped a draft of Broken Trinity: Pandora's Box #05 and I finished a short project I can't talk about. Other than that it's about getting ahead and lining up work. I've also had a bug planted in my ear (courtesy of Hill) about turning my stagnant (abandoned?) LYP screenplay into a novel. I'm giving it some very serious thought, especially with iBooks on the way.

Anyhow, not much to add right now, so I present this Raekwon video that got my morning started right:


2009's Best Film Posters

I'm a big design and typography guy. I can't design for the life of me, but I know what's great when I see it, and great design speaks to me as much as stunning imagery. Here's one man's list of the Best Film Posters of 2009. Not saying he didn't miss anything, but it's a good list.

Here are a few samples for you to make sure you click:



J-Smoove - That's What He Does

I'm still thinking about the best final play I've seen in basketball since the last time Kobe hit a ridiculous game-winner at the buzzer. But this one happened as my Hawks beat their division rival (and #2 seed in the East) Orlando Magic.

It's nasty. Josh Smith is nasty.


I am a Great Editor

Anyone who has talked to me for more than five minutes knows that I talk about myself incessantly and give myself the mad props I so richly deserve. Then I lament my unemployed (aka freelance) predicament and why there's never enough work coming my way. How can the best writer of 2013 be stuck in the struggle when he's also the most amazing editor working today.

If you need proof of the latter, please check out the following reviews of the Days Missing HC:

"I generally don’t extend congratulations to editors, but Rob Levin deserves a patented Optimous Douche Reach Around™ for the cohesion he brought to this title." - AICN

"The editorial team on this series was clearly tightly knit and ensured that all involved stuck to their notes and had open lines of communication, resulting in a collaborative effort with a focused vision." - CraveOnline.com

Days Missing was by no means an easy project. There are a bevvy of reasons for that, but imagine if you will the launch of a new property. Now imagine that the world is only partially defined so as to leave it open to interpretation by the writer. Now add in four creative teams across five issues and two different companies, and you'll get a wee idea about what it took to make DM what it became.

I'm not claiming to be the G.O.A.T., not by a long shot. But if you give me lemons, I'll make Captain Morgan. And if you give me silk, I'll spin it into gold. That's what I do.