I don't know how it happened, but Marc Bernardin and Adam Freeman were not on the links list on my sidebar until tonight.  They each have blogs, and deserve to be read.

Adam and Marc are two of the finest writers working in comics.  To my knowledge they only have a few books on the stands - Monster Attack Network from AIT/Planet Lar, Pilot Season: Genius from Top Cow, and Push and The Highwaymen from Wildstorm, but they are seriously the tits.  

Up until a pitch this past September, Genius was probably the best pitch I had ever gotten.  I spent months trying to figure out the best way to do the project, and luckily, even though it was a part of Pilot Season, the discerning public saw fit to grant the book some more time, and the new series is going to be all kinds of fantastic.  I had the pleasure of editing the outline and first issue, and I can think of very few books I'm as excited to check out as it.

It's actually kind of funny, especially considering the level of talent I was lucky enough to work with while editing, but I had insulated myself to the point where I always assumed the worst.  Every script I got from someone not named Marz or Hester I prepared for the worst before reading.  I was all set to give all kinds of notes and have to do tons of work to get the new Genius #1 into shape but...  It was actually pretty damn amazing.  It just came in close to a year after we got the Pilot issue done, and I had forgotten how awesome these two guys are.  To say nothing of artists Afua Richardson's immense talent (and art is merely the tip of the iceberg for her).

So yeah, basically Adam and Marc are amazing, and will be huge in no time flat.  And Genius is the best book you haven't read.  Do.  Not.  Miss.  Out.

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