TGIM - Noon Checkout

Welcome to another Monday and another TGIM.  Today I'd like to give another reason to be happy on a Monday.

There's nothing quite like knowing every decision you made the night before - staying out that extra hour, having that last shot, eating at that greasy spoon, or letting beer goggles convince you that the leper is a lady, etc. - was a bad one.  You remember the second the alarm goes off Monday morning and you realize it's time for work, the unemployment line, or whatever it is you need to do.

At comic conventions, we drink (as mentioned previously).  And we don't have one drink real quick like, we have many drinks over many hours.  And unlike my usual LA spots, in New York, you can literally go all night.  On Saturday I showed up at a bar at 2am...

Last night I was out way too late, got home around 3:30, and then had an "adventure" in the elevator.  A story for another time and forum.  I got to bed late, and this was after getting 3.5 hours of sleep on Saturday night before showing up at the show to open the booth.  I was running on fumes yesterday, and then I ran out.  So when I got a call from Filip to grab my stuff from his room at 8:40am, I was none too chipper.  Nevertheless, I was able to sleep in for a while, eat a cupcake for breakfast, and take my sweet time checking out.

Noon checkout at your hotel is a beautiful thing, even more so when it follows another night of closing down the bar.  As you can see from the rambling nature of the post, I'm still not 100% up to speed.  But at least I've got something to be thankful for.

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