Comic Professionals (Myself Included) Drink Too Much

Ran into the C.E.O. of a company at one of the many bars I hit tonight, and I think I came on a little too strong.  It was all "money" this and "time" that.  What an asshole (me, not him).  

In any event, I've already caught up with loads of people over drinks.  Who'd have thunk it.  It's like comic pros all double major in comic creation and boozing.  We are a gifted lot.  New York is looking hot so far, and I have yet to pass out the biz card, so...  Then it's on.

If anyone is reading this blog and wants to meet up with me, I'll be posted at Top Cow or in artist alley hassling folk.  I have the short hair and short beard right now, as a number of people mentioned that they didn't recognize me without the fro.  Oh well...

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