TGIM - Rainy Days

I'll be perfectly honest. After 5.5 years in Los Angeles, I kind of hate rainy days.

I used to love them. Growing up I relished chances to stay in and watch movies or play board games while the rain beat down outside. When I got to Towson freshmen year of college, I still felt the same way. The rain mirrored my mood most days and I would put on Counting Crows songs and just wallow in it. It wasn't misery, it was... Something else, and it made me happy in a weird way.

But LA ruined all that for me. I've come to expect perfection out of 70-degree days and 0% chance of rain. But the reason I'm so glad for the rain when it does come is the gift of perspective. Jason Lee's character said it best in Vanilla Sky (and I fully recognize that this is not an original statement), "Just remember, the sweet is never as sweet without the sour, and I know the sour."

So the rain is the sour that helps us recognize and be thankful for the sweet perfection that is Los Angeles weather about 360 days a year. If you're like me, living in Los Angeles and lamenting the rain, just pause for a second to put it in perspective, and I guarantee you'll enjoy today (and the next day) even more.

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