Mark Waid is both Better and Smarter than Me (& Probably You)

Mark Waid is one of those guys who just gets it.  On his worst days as writer he's having better days than 90% of the dudes out there.  And he started as an editor before making it to the superstar table, so he gets extra props from yours truly.

Lo and behold, a question from a friend about pitching led me to see what he was up to blog wise as there are pearls of wisdom to be grasped from his mind and the vile clutches of the Internets.  In addition to blogging on Kung Fu Monkey (also home to TV and comics scribe John Rogers and novelist and comics scribe Michael Alan Nelson), he's now blogging over on his own site, www.MarkWaid.com.

Bookmark it, RSS feed it, and learn from what he puts up there.  Mark's a funny and entertaining guy, but when class is in session, PAY ATTENTION.  And class is in session now, at least if you're an aspiring writer.  Click me.

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