NYCC Recap

First, let me just say thanks to everyone who bought me drinks.  I did pay for a few myself, but there were many freebies and for that I am thankful.  Also thanks to everyone who came up to me or still gave me the time even though I'm not in the position to mete out work the way I used to.  People are always talking about "character" and "professionalism," and from what I can gather I may posses a bit of both.  Thanks to Top Cow for sending me and putting me up as well.  Extra special thanks to Elaine, who let me crash at her place Monday and Tuesday so I could take some more meetings.

The show was a rousing success both for kickass new book Berserker (by Rick, Jeremy, McCaig, Milo and Russ) and for me.  Had a lot of very promising discussions and meetings, one of which is...  Well, there's almost too much potential there.  Lots of irons in lots of fires, so at least one will have to get hot enough to turn into something real.

On the work front, I've agreed to edit a new project for Archaia Studios Press (ASP).  It's a brand new book that you'll see and hear more about in the coming weeks and months, but I'm really excited about it.  Plus, I now get to work with Stephen Christy.  Ladies, get jealous...

There's a big difference between April in NYC and February in NYC.  Last year when I was at the show in the former month, it was warm, people were everywhere, and I saw my future ex-wife on every corner.  I thought for the first time that I could maybe one day live in New York.  Even though we had nice weather Friday on (I was sweating yesterday when I got to Marvel), Wednesday night and Thursday were unbearably cold.  The perfection of LA weather has ruined me, and I just don't think I could do it.  Plus I love space.

I will miss being able to go anywhere and do anything on foot though, plus a subway that actually gets you where you need to go.  That's really the thing I don't like about LA.  It's all driving, it all takes too long, and you end up not running into people randomly.  New York is all clustered in and close enough that you can make a new friend every step.  If you're weird, I guess.

So yeah, that was New York, where I really didn't eat lunch.  I need to get back into a normal eating routine, as I skipped lunch today too and now I'm starving.  Adieu.

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