Hello, Retro

Walking bag from the bagel shop I saw a car that really caught my eye.  I though it was a new Mustang, so imagine my surprise when I saw a Dodge logo on it.  Twas the Dodge Challenger, brought back just last year.

It reminds me a lot of the recent Mustang models, but really it has this odd mix of 70s and contemporary styling that has me thinking it's one of those early 80s transition cars (before the lack of car style in the 80s turned everything into a dull box).  Here's an article and a cool comparison to the 70s model.  Pretty surprised that I've never seen one on the road or advertised before.  I know hybrids and Japanese cars are all the rage, but if I was looking for a sports car I would definitely consider this.  Well, except for the fact that it's neither Japanese-made nor a hybrid...

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Bryan Edward Hill said...

Yeah man, this one gave me the vapors when I saw it in Chinatown. I really didn't like the Charger redux, but this...this is effective.