'The Wood' is Good

About to crash out watching The Wood, and a couple of things occurred to me.

1) I have no idea the creative force behind this movie.

2) Whoa. Co-story credit to Todd Boyd, one of my professors at USC.

3) What the hell happened to writer-director Rick Famuyima? He knocked the flick out of the park, did one more movie, and then went silent for 5 years.  He co-wrote Talk to Me (which is nothing short of great) two years back, but hasn't directed a film since 2002.

4) I really like this movie.

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Bryan Edward Hill said...

I wonder what kind of asshole would keep you on the phone for an hour right after that.

He must be a special kind of dickhead.

NYC confirmed. Yaaaaaay!!!! That's what I was waiting for.