Can't Stop, Won't Stop

I've been going a mile a minute since the Cow and I changed our arrangement.  Maybe it's the fact that I finally get to do what I've always wanted to do.  Maybe it's the fact that I need to find some way to pay the rent.  Either way, I've been waking up on the same scheduling and hitting it hard every day.  Some people call unemployment "retirement."  Others call it a "vacation."  While I like the idea vacations and retirement sounds great, that's not what I've been doing.

I've been going on meetings at a clip of about one per business day, for the past week and a half.  I've been working on my own stuff - knocked out my WB backup script, lots of back and forth on the Hawaii pitch and stuff I've got going on with Mr. Hill, and trying to solve the mystery of the upcoming screenplay.  My only beef with this early stage of unemployment (or if I reframe it, freelancing) is that I want to know where the next check is coming from.  But the upside is huge.

I felt this tremendous pressure all the time at Top Cow.  To keep the trains running even remotely close to on time, you're checking in on people all the time.  You're bugging, begging, and bargaining to get things done.  And when it all falls apart, you stop pulling your hair out and realize that all the planning was to prepare you for the inevitable worst case scenario.  But now...  I wake up creatively fulfilled, completely free of stress, and I work on what I want to on my own time.  It's amazingly freeing being this unconstrained.

Today was the first day I've even remotely taken it easy or taken advantage of the fact that I have no set time for reporting for duty.  It all started last night, when I nearly closed down the bar...  Took off a while before last call, but not before having three beers, whatever flip cup totals added to that, and two shots...  I used to have a rule, put in place by some missteps at dodgeball, that I didn't do shots on weekdays.  Well, last night the rule got broken because people said, "Hey, I've got something for you," or "Want a beer or a shot?  Or both?"  Got home late after hitting up Big Tomy's for nachos and put on a movie, which I immediately fell asleep on.  It ended at 5am and I told myself, Okay, you can have this one.

I set the phone alarm for 10am and turned off the Neverlate.  And sleep in I did.  Then drove around in the morass that was LA traffic (thanks to this) trying to find a way east for Chinese breakfast.  Gave up and headed west to Bread and Porridge, where we partook of neither bread nor porridge.  Portions are gigantic and delicious, so this place is now on the list of excellent west side breakfast/brunch spots.

I came back and finalized my business cards with the printer.  Because I couldn't get the format to work with the site, I ended up having to pay more for shipping to make sure I get the cards in time for NY...  I was a little bummed about it, but these things kick ass.  I used a card program to create them, and then customized a very simple, stark back.  Even though these are just temp cards until I get a logo and the full site running, I couldn't stand the thought of showing up at NYCC either cardless, or with VistaPrint ads on the back and a shite design on the front.  There are so many unprofessional professionals working in comics, the least I can do is let people know I handle my bidness.  A man is only as good as his brand, and this brand is dressed for success.  As long as success means jeans and a t-shirt.  After all, I'm a creative.

Had a very promising meeting in the afternoon.  Got my wheels spinning after it and I think it's going to lead to some very good (and potentially very big) things going forward.  All of the meetings I've had have been solid, but I think this one has the most long term upside.

Very much looking forward to New York (minus the cold) next week and more meetings up there.  If you're reading this and would like to meet with me at the show, please drop me a line.  I think you can email me through the site.

2009 is looking more and more like The Year of No Suck.


Jeffery Stevenson said...

I'm glad to hear things are rolling for ya. That first check sounds like it'll be right around the corner for you.

I can't make it to NYCC this year, so I won't see ya there. But it works out for the best (since I have some projects I need to finish up). Be sure to hit up one of those parties that's so loud you have to text each other to be heard. ^_^

Christina said...

Hmm ... looks like Chinese breakfast should be on the top of your list!