TGIM - Amazing Days

A friend of mine mused on Saturday about the nature of an Amazing Day.  He said it's about remaining present in the moment and appreciating it.  The definition of an amazing day is being able to appreciate every little thing around you.  Do you take it all in or just let it pass you by?

Yesterday I had my own Amazing Day.  I woke up early(-ish), went for a run, and then got out into the world.  I went to Brentwood and walked around.  No agenda, in no hurry for anything, and didn't pull out my phone even once to lose the moment.  I hit the Farmer's Market and the grocery store.  I sampled fruit, hummus (an addiction at this point), and talked to people.  I stopped in an athletic store I happened to pass by.  More than anything I took stock of the world around me.  Brentwood is a gorgeous area I haven't walked through just to walk it in a couple years.  People everywhere, trees, shops...  Almost made me forget the urban sprawl that is Los Angeles.

Later I went home and threw on a movie.  I felt Drugstore Cowboy was a fitting choice.  I guess it's life-affirming, and it's definitely due back to Netflix since I've been holding it a couple weeks.  I cleaned up a bit.  And then I went to a barbecue with friends; great food and some damn fine Skinny Pirates if I do say so myself.

There's nothing I would change about yesterday.  No happier ending.  Remember, I'm not talking about a perfect day (and you know what Palahniuk says about perfection...).  I'm talking about an Amazing Day, and you can have them all the time with a little focus.  Maybe not on a Monday, but here's to giving it a shot.

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