Thinking Oscar (2009 Edition)

The nominations are out, and here are my quick thoughts, having not seen much:
  • Best Picture - the movie most people will not have seen is The Reader
  • Best Actor - Where is young Hollywood this year?  Also surprised to see Eastwood passed over.
  • Best Actress - Is it me or does this category look increasingly familiar each year?  Glad to see Melissa Leo on there for some variety.
  • Best Director - I know Ron Howard is good, and he's gotten plenty of acclaim, but he's up against some serious talent here.  I haven't seen Frost/Nixon, but this nod makes me want to see it sooner rather than later.  And no Christopher Nolan?
  • Original Screenplay - Thrilled that Wall-E and In Bruges are up.  The latter is an underseen gem, and the former...  Damn it's good.
  • Adapted Screenplay - I've seen one of these...  Sad.
  • Editing - Give it to Slumdog now and save some time.
  • Animated Feature - I know I've only seen the one, but it better win.  
  • WANTED - got two nominations.  Huzzah!
Because I had a meeting get moved, I'll likely post some thoughts on a couple movies I saw on Sunday later today.  You know, as opposed to this where I yammer about things I haven't seen.

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