I Love Losing Things

Every day I lose something.

Usually it's my iPod.  I can't find it before a run or a long drive.  Yesterday it was a rebate coupon for Costco that I took with me to the store a couple weeks back and forgot to use.  Right now, it's the leather notebook/case thing with a legal pad and three of my favorite pens in it.  I can't find it anywhere, and it has the contents of my last three meetings, not to mention notes on a project document in there.

I've torn apart every room, a car, and even the mail slot looking for it.  I can keep looking in the bathroom but there's really no where for it to hide there.  I've done a wee bit of cleaning so the living room takes no time.  The dining area is a mess, and I assume it's hiding there, but I cannot find it and I know it's not in any of the boxes.  My room could be hiding it, but again not that many spots.  I know it came back with me because I remember seeing it somewhere and remembering that I should put it somewhere else, and the water bottle from the last meeting is on my desk.  I left with both, since I picked it up last.

So where, oh where, has my notebook gone...

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