The Economy is like VD

I know I already twittered this, but I felt like it deserved some explanation.

Got a call today from a company that I've worked with via Top Cow in the past.  They have some upcoming projects and want me to pitch for one.  It's a project I really like, but I thought I had missed the boat on being a part of it.  If I can turn around a decent story doc, it would appear that I've got the job.

I'm online not five minutes later and see an email from a buddy of mine that works at a major corporate company, or at least one owned by a behemoth.  He's moving on... I IM him and find out that he's yet another victim of the economic crunch.  It's been hitting everywhere this year.  It's getting a lot worse for a lot of people before it (hopefully) gets better.

This recession is economic herpes.  Let's hope someone finds a cure.

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Christina said...

no cure, just abreva