Stalemate Broken (I think...)

I came up with a new concept while getting ready to go out on New Year's Eve.  I've spent a lot of time mulling, and a lot of that time devoted to how much of my original idea should be merged with or thrown out based on some notes I got.  After talking with someone else tonight, and pretty much doing an about face concerning what I told him on the phone an hour or so ago, I think I know where I'm headed.

It all boiled down to character.  On the one hand, my initial idea had a lot of ties to my own personal life/past.  The notes I got back put it in a very different place, and left out a lot of me.  As a narcissist, how could I let this stand.  I mean, the concept was borne of a need to inject myself into everything I do...  It's really all about where I want the characters to go.  The more I thought about the original (and I did done thought a lot and luckily not for naught) idea/character, the more I realized I didn't have the arc and opportunity for transformation and growth.  Somehow it just took me until tonight for that to crystallize.  As a guy who pretends to pride himself on character-first storytelling, I think this fits in that line of thought.

There's still a lot to figure out, but the goal is to get this fully plotted before NYCC, then go at it hardcore until I've got at least a draft finished by the end of March.  It's a screenplay.  I could do it as a TV pilot, but it's a finite story.  Name one successful mini not on pay cable in the last couple of years.

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