Safe and Secure

There's something very reassuring about knowing that as I embark in what are still the early stages of a full-time writing career, I can get things done on a deadline. I sometimes miss personally mandated deadlines, but so far I have yet to blow any deadlines for employers or potential employers.

Professionalism counts for a lot. My goal is to be so professional that even if no one ever sees me wearing a suit, when people think of me, they'll think of that guy who wears a suit. You know, the Authentic Impostor. Like on his limited-edition business cards. Yeah, that guy!

I got a call at 5pm (now yesterday) that the animated project I'm attached to as the writer was having a major, potentially game changing meeting. When? Tomorrow at 10am? Um, yeah, I can get something done tonight. And at 3:11 am, I proved to myself and the world, especially YOU, that I'm not a liar.

Come on, admit it. You're picturing me wearing a suit. If this and the last thing I pitched, which I'm told was received quite well, come together, I could be pretty damn busy in a hurry. Fingers crossed.

Now if only I could get a certain man with a womanly last name to get his act together, I'd also have an OGN in the works. Let's go people...

Sidebar: Mogwai and Sigur Ros work as both excellent film scores and music to work to.

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