Japanese Spider-Man & The Time of Revenge

So I was busy doing other things on my laptop tonight when I came across an open page on Marvel.com.  On the sidebar was an ad for Japanese Spider-Man.  'Nuff Said!

Holy crap is it awesome in a 70s kitsch sort of way.  It's every thing I could ever hope for.  Planet Spider, Professor Monster, Leopardon, Marveller, Revenge!  And it contains my favorite would-be-out-of-context-if-it-weren't-Japanese line ever, "Those are dinosaur footprints!"  And the nuclear physicist character refuses to build a weapon for Professor Monster's army because, and I quote, his parents would never approve of it.

It's totally amazing.  They threw out about 90% of what makes Spidey Spidey, added the Flash's costume ring contraption, then added all sorts of Japanese trappings to it so it works (I guess) for that audience.  The result in 2009 is the awesomeness to end all awesomeness, or at least something entertaining at 2am.

You're welcome.

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