Back on Track

It's been a tough week for me. My brain just wasn't working when it came to getting in the groove for my writing. The editing work was going fine, and I could totally focus, but ask me to do something of my own and I was like a goldfish who jumped out of its tank, flailing around and looking pathetic.

Today I went for a run (which I missed on Tuesday) and felt great after. Did some work (emails, considering an alternate career route to awesome, phone call) and felt like maybe I was coming out of my funk. But it was the afternoon that sealed the deal and put me back on track.

Heard about an Anniversary celebration at a Beverly Hills sushi spot called Lucky Fish. Everything was $1, and that meant I called up my fellow penny pincher Mel and we headed out there. The original plan was to hit it at 2pm and try and meet the lunch rush, but we pushed to 3:30. Mel texted me on the way that the line was "INSANE." Sure enough, it was.

We waited about an hour and fifteen minutes before getting in. They brought us some fried rock shrimp and were selling $1 hand rolls (which we did not partake of) while we waited. It was quality time with one of my favorite people in LA, so neither the heat nor the wait made me regret it. Once we got in, it was on. The place is moat style, where dishes come flying at you on a conveyor belt snake thing. You grab what you want and go nuts. Well, we went 20 plates nuts... It was pretty awesome. And might I mention that the normal prices are solid anyway, so I'll definitely be back.

Driving home, I stopped at a red light on Beverly and looked left. Who did I see coming back from buying a new monitor and some other stuff but Mr. JJ Abrams himself. I was half tempted to get out of the car and try to initiate a conversation, but I can only imagine how crazy that would look. Damn you sushi for making me way too full!

I got back to the crib following all that quality food and raw fish and wanted to go into a coma. Instead I did a lot of reading/research, then watched Brubaker's Crackle.com series, Angel of Death. The writing was solid, not his best, but the direction and performances were off in most cases. As a serialized web thing it was okay, but as a feature (watching it all at once), it definitely felt lacking.

Rapped with Marz and fired off a bazillion emails in between and after episodes, then did a little mulling and writing on one of the things I'm developing. I definitely feel like I'm back on track. It's good to be back.

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Filip Sablik, Publisher said...

The word of the day is recrudescence.


: a new outbreak after a period of abatement or inactivity : renewal

Good lookin' out, Dusty.