I'm Working On Something New

I generate ideas all the time.  Literally, something pops into my head, I send myself an email, and only sometimes go back to them.  But they're stored, forever, waiting for the day someone says they need a biblical allegory about the end of the world set in a futuristic cyberpunk that follows an amnesiac cobbler with a heart of gold.

Had a new idea today, while working on my other pitches, and I've also been thinking about launching a new comic series somewhere rather than just chasing WFH.  Of course, the hardest part of getting a series off the ground is an artist.  Not only an artist, but an artist that has the drafting and storytelling chops to not tank you before you even get started.  Especially if you plan on going the Image or other back-end only deals route.

Two of my favorite artists that may or may not be right for this I helped land exclusive contracts.  Beyond that...  I dunno.  If anyone knows of anyone who can do dark, gritty, realistic action (think espionage, but not really), please drop me a line.  In my head I'm thinking either super realistic (tougher to find) or something along the lines of Sean Murphy or Takeshi Miyazawa's work on BFX2.  Lee Moder would be pretty great, but I think he's busy and Ron has dibs.

New stuff gets me excited, but it's a mountain not a molehill, and a marathon, not a sprint.  Miles to go, folks.  Miles to go...

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