Revolving Gaijin Birds

It's been a good week here in the ATL.  I wasn't as productive as I would have liked, but at least I got the one pitch with a deadline done, made some headway on others, and hung out with good people.

Thursday I realized two things:

1)  If I ever move back to Atlanta, I'd like to be talented enough that the crew at Gaijin invites me to work at the studio.  It's not just because they're all amazing at what they do, they're also generally awesome people I like spending time with.  There's a very good vibe in the studio, and I'd love to be a part of and feed off that creative energy.  Obviously they've all been at this for a very long time, so I've got a ways to go.  It's a long-term potential goal.  Just like my goal of being a better artist than Stelfreeze in the next 9 months.  I can do it!

2)  Sarah Cov is totally awesome, and some days I wish our facebook sham marriage was a real one.  You know, except we'd be bi-coastal.  And I told her I don't swing that way.

Friday was also a day of realization.  I woke up, threw yesterday's clothes on and headed out the doctor.  A quick stop for some more delicious Chicken Biscuits later, I arrived at the orthopedist.  He's an old friend of my dad's, and I haven't seen him in a while.  This was confirmed when I heard him coming down the hall saying, "Robby?"  Only people that have known me since the 80s call me that.

He did a short examination of my wrist (which had been giving me ever the slightest of problems, and when I described my injury to Karl Story, he knew exactly what bone was in question), then decided X-rays were a safe bet.  A couple minutes later I'm sitting in the exam room and I hear him say, "Robby..."  Sure enough, there's a tiny little fracture in my navicular (aka scaphoid) bone.  It's not a good one to break, and had it gone unexamined and been worse, it could have gone necrotic.  I know, I was turned on when Karl said the word too.  In any event, it's probably good that I waited a couple weeks to get seen so they can check bone growth to see the extent.  I've got a new splint and a 6-month recovery time.  I'm still planning to play dodgeball though, so look out other folk on the court...  I'll have to pay Kaiser for the follow-up scans, the bastards.  Long story short, I realized my wrist was broken (or at least part of it).

Ran some errands after that (new sheets, including some silky stuff) and then headed to midtown to visit Tom Feister and the gang at Studio Revolver.  It's right by Atlantic Station and they have a sweet setup.  Got to meet Tariq Hassan and catch up with Georges, not to mention a visiting David Atchison.  Good people all, so find their work and support it if you don't already.

Had a great time just chilling and shooting the shit with Tom.  Wish I could have stayed longer, but we had a family dinner planned and the day got started late.  He's going to be doing some very cool work on an upcoming Witchblade special written by the lovely and talented Ron Marz.  I can't wait to see how it comes together, and don't be surprised to see me snatching Tom up as he finishes for something...  The wheels are turning. 

Dinner with my dad's best friend, which was supposed to feature the Hawks game, but TVs were not to be found at El Azteca.  Good food though.  When we got back to the car the radio informed us that the Hawks rolled to their 4th straight win (5th straight at home) and surpassed last year's win total.  Joe Johnson put up 30 for the 3rd straight game.  Even with Marvin out, this team has a shot at 50 wins.  And the 4th seed in the East looks like ours to lose finally, rather than something we had and lost due to complacency

In terms of work, I shot off my pitch for a Marvel book today.  I'm really happy with what I came up with.  No idea what they're looking for or how many people I'm competing against, but I know there's a shot.  With that out of the way I can get back to my delinquent TC pitch (Jorge, you're gonna love this...) and the other ones I was working on in the background, as well the new idea.  

Big things, people.  Big things.  And if not, Scientology all the way.

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