TGIM - The Unexpected Days

I woke up on Saturday, not knowing what the day would hold. I'm not much of a planner in general, but I was especially limber on Saturday, thinking I'd forego dodgeball (which I hadn't played in about 3 weeks) to sleep in, be lazy, and then spend the afternoon and evening writing.

Instead I woke up and went for a run, decided dodgeball was the place for me, and got an unexpected text from Filip asking what time open gym was. Two hours of dodgeball later, I was at Smoothie King (which I probably haven't been to since 8th or 9th grade in Dunwoody) having my second smoothie of the day, and discussing plans for the evening. That's funny, I didn't know I was going out.

Met up with friends new and old, first at a house in Westwood, then ended up at the newly remodeled Trader Vic's. I know, I know, it's new as of about two years ago, but I only went to the original once, and that was probably a few months before it closed. It's all new to me. The poolside atmosphere is nice, but it's not really the vibe I want from a tiki bar. Ah well, the drinks were stiff as hell, so that works.

Hit up Busby's and then popped into a bar down the street (can't remember the name), then ended up back at the aforementioned house. Found out a pair of writers totally stole my pilot idea, and theirs is already optioned, so that was slightly sobering.

And I was getting entertaining texts throughout the night, including pictures...

Sometimes both not having a plan and saying yes to opportunities yields an amazing day. Saturday was just such an occasion.

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