Kody Chamberlain & Creator-Owned Blogging

Kody Chamberlain is one of my favorite people in comics. In fact, he's probably one of my favorite people amongst people as well. I've had the pleasure of knowing him for the last few years, and I'm proud to have worked with him and call him a friend.

At our very first meeting, he told me about an original story he was going to write and draw. While primarily known as an artist, Kody is one of those guys that's just too damn smart and too damn good to not be writing his own stuff as well. The story sounded cool then, and after several years of building his name in the industry, he's embarked on the actual creation and production of the book, SWEETS.

I've had the pleasure of reading the initial series manuscript and it's really good. Exactly the kind of story you want to see from Kody, with some surprises to keep it interesting and awesome. He'll be blogging about the process as he continues, and I'll definitely be keeping up with it.

I've put a link at right, but you can also check it out at the link below:

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