Another day, another 10 pages. For those keeping score, that puts us at 81 pages. And yet, I'm not happy. I feel like the whole thing is spinning out of control. I'm off the beat sheet, pulling things out of my ass, and it's just not quite where I want it to be.

Here's what the last (almost) two weeks have taught me about screenwriting:

Screenwriting is easy. Good screenwriting is hard.

Progress is progress, that's about all I know. Tomorrow I'm definitely going to go back through the last 15-20 pages and see what I want to throw out. Things really got out of hand, to the point where certain scenes I know I want/need to have aren't really appearing on the horizon. This isn't a kill your darlings situation, this is a "fix this mess" kind of deal.

I'm tired, definitely need to start earlier tomorrow. And yet, I have potential paying work due first. Which I should put some more time in on now. No rest for the untalented...

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