It's an unofficial term that I'm using to describe my progress on the screenplay that will carry me into the promised land of actually getting it done. Seems to make sense given that 10 pages a day is a lot to ask for if you think about getting 120 pages done in 12 days, but really not that much on its own.

Yesterday was all about getting the Board in shape to see if anything was missing, and today was about getting back to work. Get 10 pages done, no matter what. Procrastination ruled the day, but then around 4-something I finally managed to shake off the funk, let Blake Snyder's passing push me to do something rather than feel weird, and get some work done. I wrote my ten pages, which are largely similar to the first 10 pages, but with a revised opening sequence, and I can rest for the day. And of course, I didn't look at any of the cards I made for the board. Typical.

I'll be mulling some notes I got on a comic project, hopefully discussing them with one of my collaborators as well, but mostly taking it easy with dinner and perhaps a movie whilst I pontificate.

Tomorrow will see pages 11-20 written, as well as polishing up 1-10 as a warm-up to get the neurons firing and fingers flowing across the keys. Hopefully some progress on the comics side, as well as some work on new pitches with Mr. Hill. We've got at least one stellar one, just a matter of giving it the fleshing.

Lots of blog today. Hmm...

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