Too Much Tuesday

I woke up to bad news.

An artist had missed a final deadline. It was time to make other plans. But we were so far behind that meant a whole lot of scrambling, favors asked, and logistics managed. I think I made the smart call, but it put me way behind to start the day. I didn't even go for my run until about 12:30 in the afternoon. But the timing led to an impromptu chat with friend and writer Rick Loverd on Westwood Blvd., so no complaints there.

Hill and I traded scripts back and forth the rest of the day. The latest on Broken Trinity and a project I can't talk about yet, but will make some very big noise very soon. Lots of little tweaks and formatting. I must have read each of them 4-6 times in the last 18 hours. But seriously, co-writing has so many perks. I definitely like the challenge of going it solo, but so far we're getting some great stuff out of this pairing, so I hope it lasts a good long time.

Speaking of, Bryan's twitter rambling got a Books section greenlit over at GeekWeek. It's almost 3:30am and I've just finished a scathing editorial about my trip to the book store and the death of fiction. Maybe that's a bit more extreme, but both of those things are discussed. I'm not sure it's coherent so I'm holding off until tomorrow to post, but hopefully you'll get a chuckle or two out of it.

Conan is going to come out of this late night debacle smelling like roses. Good for him. He's been the funniest of all the hosts in addressing the situation, even though he's the one getting jobbed. I guess misery is the other side of comedy. Remember what Mel Brooks said:

"Tragedy is when I cut my finger. Comedy is when you fall into an open sewer and die."

Also watched the Chuck premiere. I like the show, despite the fact that it gets stuck in a rut at times. They did some nice work at the end of last season, but they seem to be playing it a little too safe right now. And the action sequences are getting worse, but I don't expect Cameron with my dramedy.

I think that's it. Writing goes well in the new year. Ron Marz has been posting some good insights on twitter, as he always does. If you're interested in his take on the comics industry, writing, or new ideas, definitely give him a follow. I need to remember to post something about Gamechangers here. Bug me if I don't.

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