TGIM - Weddings

Though people may be down on the concept of marriage (despite divorce rates declining in large part to a bad economy), in my experience people still seem to dig weddings. Having been to two of them in the past 5 days I can safely say that I'm still of this opinion.

From the walk of a bride down the aisle to the exchanging of vows, to the kiss or the cake cutting, most people find something to like about weddings. They are an expression not only of love, which can become hackneyed thanks to marketing and Hollywood, but also of devotion. And that's really the big thing for me. It's two people, against all odds, deciding that this is it. This is the pair that's going to take on the world until they die.

And that's kind of awesome.

Congratulations to all who got married this weekend, and may your lives be filled with as much joy and happiness as your wedding days were.

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