A Price to Pay

I shaved my head on June 1 and made myself a promise. I wouldn't cut my hair until I finished a screenplay (or a novel). That's not that big a deal, just a minor inconvenience and potentially a long term hindrance.

In light of getting trapped doing other things today and not making any progress (though I'm not asleep yet) on the screenplay, I've had another idea. If I don't finish my screenplay by the time I hit the road to San Diego, I'm shaving.

I've been sporting some form of beard since just before Comic-Con in 2005 I think. I went down to a mustache once for a dodgeball event, but that was a minimum. It's been goatee, beard, or stubble every day. I don't believe in men who can't grow beards.

So here's the thing. I look like I'm about 13 years old (maybe 12) sans facial hair. San Diego is a big networking opportunity for me. I take meetings, I do signings, and I sit on panels. Plus I hob knob. And doing that without facial hair of any kind scares the shit out of me. I don't want to look like a clean-shaven baby.

So that's been added to the quest. You heard it here first. No screenplay, no facial hair at San Diego.

EDIT: Managed almost 3 pages tonight. Will do at least triple that tomorrow, and hopefully I'll like some of it. Tonight's work felt kind of "meh," and I'm not sure two of the shorter scenes really did anything to push the story.

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