Tuesday Sucked

I don't even want to talk about today. Got completely derailed by bad news and got nothing done. Did have a good meeting about upcoming work, but I won't know for a bit if anything will come of it.

I'm just going to wake up tomorrow, run through the routine (water, teeth, exercise, smoothie, shower) and then spend an hour or so working on LYP. No email, no twitter. I don't care what needs to be addressed. It's waiting. Then I'll jump back on trying to make something of nothing, but the something needs to look or feel like the nothing.

I shaved my head yesterday and promised myself it's the last time I'm getting a haircut until I finish the screenplay. I have way too many ideas for follow-ups waiting on me to get this first one out of the way. No excuses. I will be the master of my own destiny.

Depending on other people/companies... you only get let down. Consistently. And for you it might be storytelling and trying to put something hot out there, but for them it's a business. When they think you can make them money, they'll come clamoring. You just have to handle your business and hone your craft until they see the light.

I'm gonna read some Mamet before bed, then wake up and handle my bidness. Two times.

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