TGIM - Foundations(?)

People often quote Alice in Wonderland. The one about where she asks some animal which road she should take, and it asks where she's going. She says she doesn't know, and he responds then it doesn't matter.

There's something to that.

My parents call me all the time. Pretty much daily. Sometimes just one call, sometimes a call from each. Occasionally they go a few days without calling, but that's rare. Honestly, I take it for granted. I should be thrilled that I have parents who love me so much that they want to know everything I'm up to, and share the same about their lives.

So I'll keep this one short and sweet. I wouldn't be where I am without my parents. They provided for me in my formative years when I couldn't provide for myself, and they never put any roadblocks in my way. If I told them I wanted to do something, they encouraged it. Even when they might not have understood or knew it wasn't the safest route (going to school for filmmaking rather than something marketable), they supported me. They stood behind me and allowed me to succeed or falter on my own terms.

But more than giving me the keys, they put me on the path. A nudge in the right direction with my morals, my work ethic, etc. And for those things and more, I love them. So maybe this one should be called "family."

Something like that...

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