April, Fools

Hopefully the lack of comments on yesterday's post was stunned silence and not apathy. Just to make sure folks are totally clear, it was a little April Fool's joke. I'm not quitting writing, I'm not moving (at least not for the next 30 days), and I'm certainly not trying to figure out what I'm doing with my life. I'm good on that front.

The non-reaction on the blog itself did bring into question how well a job I'm doing of marketing myself. Apparently, not well. Not only did I not promote the only new work that's come out since I left TC (WITCHBLADE #125 ON SALE NOW! Backup by Rob Levin with art by Marco Castiello!) when it hit stores, but also I got zilch Internet reaction to the I quit style post. Hell, I nearly cried when Cameron Stewart pulled the same thing via facebook a year or two ago.

I actually hauled ass yesterday in terms of getting in touch with folks and various other freelance productivity and research. Slow and steady is the game, and it's not a race. Plus, I'm IN IT TO WIN IT! Anyone who gets that reference, I love you.

See you guys in the grind. And if anyone in Baltimore wants to hang out, I'll be in town for a week starting Saturday.


Richard said...

I generally ignore the internet "news"on April 1st.

Secondly, I don't think you have any quit in you, so you broke the one rule of a good AF prank in that there had to be something true or believable wrapped in the gag.

Now, if you said you were leaving to join the Brazilian National Dodgeball team to pursue your true passion while you were still young enough to earn a living having other men forcibly thrusting their balls at you, well. . . .

Shawn said...

Also, I checked your blog to early (or not at all, maybe?) yesterday, and missed your post altogether. I probably would have posted a comment, if I'd seen it, for sure, but it would've been somewhere along the lines of "bullshit, Rob." as like Richard, i don't believe you know HOW to quit.

Ok, now I have to try to find a copy of that back-up story. Thanks for the heads up.

Bryan Edward Hill said...

I didn't know your joint was out. Good shot. I'll grab it when I head to the shop tomorrow.